Management Accountant – 管理会计师

提供与业绩挂钩的财务报告、资产评估、预算系统、成本管理、定价、预测和组织的战略治理相关的服务。就财务规划、风险管理、碳封存项目和碳定价提供建议,并向管理层提供报告,以协助决策。能够洞察成本绩效,并支持标杆管理和质量改进计划的实施。可能需要注册或许可。Provides services relating to performance-based financial reporting, asset valuation, budgetary systems, cost management, pricing, forecasting and the strategic governance of organisations. Provides advice on financial planning, risk management, carbon sequestration projects and carbon pricing and provides management with reports to assist in decision-making. May provide insight into cost performance and support the implementation of benchmarking and quality improvement initiatives. Registration or licensing may be required.