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  • 规划政策,为组织制定标准和目标;planning policy, and setting standards and objectives for organisations
  • 提供组织的日常指导和管理,指导和支持政策以实现目标,实现具体目标,最大化利润和效率;providing day-to-day direction and management of organisations, and directing and endorsing policy to fulfil objectives, achieve specific goals, and maximise profit and efficiency
  • 评估变化的情况,并通过向下属员工发出命令和指示做出相应的反应;assessing changing situations and responding accordingly by issuing commands and directives to subordinate staff
  • 与直接下属和部门主管就操作方法、设备要求、财务、销售和人力资源等事宜进行咨询;consulting with immediate subordinates and departmental heads on matters such as methods of operation, equipment requirements, finance, sales and human resources
  • 授权主要政策实施项目的资金支持;authorising the funding of major policy implementation programs
  • 在正式场合、谈判中、大会、研讨会、公开听证会和论坛中代表组织,以及职责范围之间的联络;representing the organisation at official occasions, in negotiations, at conventions, seminars, public hearings and forums, and liaising between areas of responsibility
  • 准备或安排准备报告、预算和预测,并将其提交给理事机构;preparing, or arranging for the preparation of, reports, budgets and forecasts, and presenting them to governing bodies
  • 选择和管理高级员工的绩效;selecting and managing the performance of senior staff
  • 可能承担部分或全部会计、销售、营销、人力资源和其他专业运营的责任。may undertake responsibility for some or all of accounting, sales, marketing, human resources and other specialist operations





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