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  • 负责运输车辆、设备和燃料的采购和保养;organising the purchase and maintenance of transport vehicles, equipment and fuel
  • 与客户联络以确定需求,并就车辆类型、购买或租用比率及责任,以及处理投诉,向客户提供意见及资料;liaising with clients to determine requirements and providing customers with advice and information regarding vehicle type, purchase or hire rates and obligations and handling complaints
  • 接收订单和预订,计划和实施运输计划;receiving orders and bookings, and planning and implementing transportation schedules
  • 确保货物在保证质量的条件下储存和运输;ensuring goods are stored and transported in conditions that will maintain their quality
  • 安排车辆和货物的收集和交付;arranging collection and delivery of vehicles and goods
  • 维护业务记录,编制经营报表和报告;maintaining business records and preparing operational statements and reports
  • 协调与列车到站、出站、装卸有关的活动;coordinating activities associated with the arrival, departure, loading and unloading of trains
  • 确保符合职业健康和安全条例。ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety regulations

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