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在澳新职业大典中,立法者 其他归属于1113立法委员职业小组,与小组下的其他职业共享以下详细职业描述:

  • 制定国家、州、地区或地方政府政策,制定、修改和废除立法和细则;developing national, state, territory or local government policy, and formulating, amending and repealing legislation and by-laws
  • 帮助选民解决一系列问题,特别是与政府和地方机构有关的问题;helping constituents with a range of problems particularly with regard to matters concerning government and local agencies
  • 调查公众以及特定个人和群体关心的问题;investigating matters of concern to the public and to particular persons and groups
  • 介绍政府行动建议,代表公众和选举利益;introducing proposals for government action and representing public and electoral interests
  • 向政府部门发布政策指示,并对地方政府部门实施控制;issuing policy directions to government departments and exercising control over local government authorities
  • 参加社区活动和当地团体的会议,为社区提供服务,评估公众意见和提供政府计划信息;attending community functions and meetings of local groups to provide service to the community, gauge public opinion and provide information on government plans
  • 可以担任议会委员会和调查委员会的成员;may serve as a member on parliamentary committees and inquiries
  • 可以代表相关团体提交请愿书。may present petitions on behalf of concerned groups





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