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  • 识别商机,设计新的生产流程,确定要生产的产品;identifying business opportunities, devising new manufacturing processes and determining products to be manufactured
  • 制定商业计划,实施运营、营销、人力资源和定价程序;developing business plans and implementing operational, marketing, human resource and pricing procedures
  • 研究和实施影响生产经营和环境的法规和法规要求;researching and implementing regulatory and statutory requirements affecting manufacturing operations and the environment
  • 指导生产、仓库、配送和其他运营部门的活动;directing the activities of production, warehouse, distribution and other operating units
  • 维护制造、废物处理、交付和其他程序的质量控制系统;maintaining quality control systems for manufacturing, waste disposal, delivery and other procedures
  • 协调原材料、物料、设备的订单,安排产品的包装、配送、批发;coordinating orders for raw materials, supplies and equipment, and arranging packaging, delivery and wholesaling of products
  • 负责售后服务协调工作;overseeing the coordination of after-sales service
  • 监督专业产品制造报价的提供,并安排与客户的合同;overseeing the provision of quotes for the manufacture of specialised goods and arranging contracts with customers
  • 可以设计和监督生产运行计划的实施。may devise and oversee the implementation of production run schedules





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