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  • 构思和发展绘画、素描、陶器和雕塑的创意、设计和风格;conceiving and developing ideas, designs and styles for paintings, drawings, pottery pieces and sculptures
  • 根据所选题材,安排对象,定位模型,选择景观等视觉形式;arranging objects, positioning models, and selecting landscapes and other visual forms according to chosen subject matter
  • 选择艺术媒介、艺术方法、艺术材料;selecting artistic media, method and materials
  • 使用适当的技术将介质应用于表面;applying media to surfaces using appropriate techniques
  • 通过抛轮、造型和手工制作,将粘土塑造成功能性和艺术性的物品;moulding clay into functional and artistic articles by wheel-throwing, moulding and hand-building
  • 混合上光材料,通过浸渍和绘画在干燥的陶器上上光;mixing glazing materials and applying glazes to dried pottery by dipping and painting
  • 将成品和装饰品放入窑中;placing finished and decorated pieces in kilns
  • 对拟建雕塑进行素描设计,制作蜡像和石膏模型;sketching designs of proposed sculptures, and making wax and plaster models
  • 使用焊接和金属加工设备设计金属模板,使用石工工具设计石材模板;devising forms from metal using welding and metalworking equipment, and from stone using masonry tools
  • 使用手工和电动工具雕刻和成型材料,使其达到所需形状。carving and forming materials to desired shape using hand and power tools


Potter or Ceramic Artist - 陶瓷艺术家Potter or Ceramic Artist - 陶瓷艺术家




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