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  • 学习剧本和场景,确定主题和场景设置;studying scripts and scenarios to determine theme and setting
  • 与专业设计师一起评估节目制作的位置和阶段需求;assessing locations and staging requirements for productions in association with specialist designers
  • 监督电影、电视、广播和舞台制作的创意方面;overseeing creative aspects of film, television, radio and stage productions
  • 确定灯光、胶卷、快门角度、滤镜因素、相机距离、景深和焦距、视角等变量,以达到预期的情绪和效果;determining lighting, film, shutter angles, filter factors, camera distance, depth of field and focus, angles of view and other variables to achieve desired mood and effect
  • 观看电影和录像带,评估和选择场景,并确定哪些场景需要重新拍摄;viewing film and video tape to evaluate and select scenes and determine which scenes need to be re-shot
  • 策划和组织项目的准备和演示;planning and organising the preparation and presentation of programs
  • 监督布景、道具、灯光音响设备的摆放;supervising the positioning of scenery, props and lighting and sound equipment
  • 通过学习剧本,与制作团队讨论节目内容,设定地点和舞台方向,评估制作的技术要求;assessing technical requirements of productions by studying scripts and discussing program content, set locations and stage directions with production team
  • 创建、计划、编写脚本、录制、录像和编辑程序。creating, planning, writing scripts for, recording, videotaping and editing programs


  • 协调舞台表演计划和会议,指导舞台工作人员在演出期间的活动。Coordinate production plans and meetings, and direct activities of stage crew during performances.
  • 可能提示灯光、声音或布景的变化。May cue lights, sound or scenery changes.
  • 提供阶段费用的核算和设备库存的维护。Provide accounting for stage expenses and maintain equipment inventory.
  • 演出当天处理技术和人员突发事件。Address technical and human emergencies on the day of the performance.
  • 在排练过程中,记录所有的场面调度,灯光提示,道具使用,服装的变化,和表演者的入场。Record all blocking, lighting cues, prop usage, costume changes, and entrances of performers during rehearsals.


Stage Manager - 舞台经理Stage Manager - 舞台经理




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