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  • 通过咨询客户和管理层确定广告方案,研究产品以建立主要卖点;determining advertising approach by consulting clients and management, and studying products to establish principal selling features
  • 为新闻、广播、电视、电影屏幕、广告牌、目录和商店展示撰写广告;writing advertisements for press, radio, television, cinema screens, billboards, catalogues and shop displays
  • 根据编辑政策和指导方针,与其他高级编辑一起决定出版物的具体内容;making decisions about the specific content of publications in conjunction with other senior editors and in accordance with editorial policies and guidelines
  • 审查出版副本,以确保符合公认的语法规则、风格和格式,确保故事的连贯性、准确性、合法性和内容的正确性;reviewing copy for publication to ensure conformity with accepted rules of grammar, style and format, coherence of story, and accuracy, legality and probity of content
  • 通过采访、印刷品、调查和观察,收集和分析有关新闻事件的事实;collecting and analysing facts about newsworthy events from interviews, printed matter, investigations and observations
  • 为报纸、杂志、期刊、电视和广播撰写有关公共利益主题的新闻报道、评论、文章和专题故事;writing news reports, commentaries, articles and feature stories for newspapers, magazines, journals, television and radio on topics of public interest
  • 为手册,课本,指南和其他多媒体平台,调研和书写有技术信息含量的刊物;researching and writing technical, information-based material and documentation for manuals, text books, handbooks and multimedia products
  • 批判性的在报纸的编辑栏目中审阅每日新闻主题、审阅书籍、电影和戏剧。critically discussing daily news topics in the editorial columns of newspapers and reviewing books, films and plays


  • 寻找和收集关于本地或国际事件和问题的新闻素材;find and collect news about local or international events and issues
  • 研究和撰写新闻;research and write stories
  • 采访人并记录采访内容;interview people and record interviews 
  • 拍摄和编辑照片和视频;shoot and edit photographs and video
  • 在电视媒体上报道新闻。present stories on television

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