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  • 为服务、设施、组织或中心提供全面的指导和管理;providing overall direction and management for the service, facility, organisation or centre
  • 为医疗、护理、专职卫生和行政人员制定、实施和监督程序、政策和标准;developing, implementing and monitoring procedures, policies and standards for medical, nursing, allied health and administrative staff
  • 协调和管理卫生福利项目和临床服务;coordinating and administering health and welfare programs and clinical services
  • 监测和评价用于保健、福利、娱乐、住房、就业、培训和其他社区设施和中心的资源;monitoring and evaluating resources devoted to health, welfare, recreation, housing, employment, training and other community facilities and centres
  • 控制行政业务,如预算规划、报告编制、用品、设备和服务支出;controlling administrative operations such as budget planning, report preparation, expenditure on supplies, equipment and services
  • 与其他医疗及福利服务提供者、委员会及资助机构联络,商讨医疗及福利服务合作及协调的范畴;liaising with other health and welfare providers, boards and funding bodies to discuss areas of health and welfare service cooperation and coordination
  • 就改善卫生福利服务和设施的措施,向政府机构提供意见;advising government bodies about measures to improve health and welfare services and facilities
  • 代表本组织参加谈判、会议、研讨会、公众聆讯及论坛;representing the organisation in negotiations, and at conventions, seminars, public hearings and forums
  • 控制员工的选择、培训和监督。controlling selection, training and supervision of staff

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