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  • 识别当地和海外的商业机会;identifying local and overseas business opportunities
  • 制定和执行商业计划、市场营销、运营、人力资源、定价和信用政策和程序;developing and implementing business plans, and marketing, operating, human resource, pricing and credit policies and procedures
  • 确定要提供的产品和服务的组合以及谈判贸易条件;determining the mix of products and services to be provided and negotiating conditions of trade
  • 就订单和产品与本地及海外供应商和分销商保持联系;liaising with local and overseas suppliers and distributors about orders and products
  • 研究影响货物进口、出口、批发和分销的法规和法规要求;researching regulatory and statutory requirements affecting the importing, exporting, wholesaling and distribution of goods
  • 监控公司经营业绩,编制经营预算、财务报表和报告;monitoring business performance and preparing estimates, financial statements and reports of operations
  • 委任代理人及分销商;appointing agents and distributors
  • 安排货物进出该国;arranging the shipping of goods into and out of the country
  • 监督商品陈列和销售,为客户服务人员和客户准备产品信息;overseeing the display and sale of merchandise and preparation of product information for customer service staff and customers
  • 执行售后服务程序。implementing after-sales service procedures


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