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  • 安排、通知和出席董事和股东大会;arranging, giving notice of and attending meetings of directors and shareholders
  • 就遵守证券交易所上市规则、相关立法和公司惯例的事宜,向各机构的董事会提供意见;advising organisations’ governing boards on matters concerning compliance with stock exchange listing rules, relevant legislation and corporation practice
  • 通过准备文件和发行股份,以及处理股份转让,来监管机构的股本;supervising organisations’ share capital by preparing documents and share issues, and handling share transfers
  • 控制库房和库房系统,建立和审查风险管理目标和库房政策;controlling treasury and treasury systems and establishing and reviewing risk management objectives and treasury policies
  • 识别、管理和报告财务风险;identifying, managing and reporting on financial risks
  • 协助进行股权管理、债务管理、证券和税收筹划等事宜;assisting with equity management, debt management, securities and taxation planning issues
  • 收集、分析和解释有关组织财务状况、成本结构和交易效率的信;collecting, analysing and interpreting information on the financial standing, cost structures and trading effectiveness of organisations
  • 设计、重组和建立预算成本控制和其他会计系统,如计算机系统;devising, re-organising and establishing budgetary cost control and other accounting systems such as computer-based systems
  • 进行审计和调查,为管理层、股东、治理机构和法定机构编制财务报表和报告;conducting audits and investigations and preparing financial statements and reports for management, shareholders, and governing and statutory bodies
  • 评估运营过程、活动、政策和系统的成本效益和风险;evaluating the cost effectiveness and risks of operational processes, activities, policies and systems
  • 向管理层报告内部控制体系的存在和有效性;reporting to management on the existence and effectiveness of the system of internal controls
  • 建立审计目标,设计和实施审计方法、流程和审计报告准则。establishing audit objectives, and designing and implementing audit methodologies, processes and audit report criteria


  • 预测现金流状况、相关借款需求和可用于投资的资金;Forecast cash flow positions, related borrowing needs, and funds available for investment
  • 确保有足够的资金满足目前的业务和资本投资需求;Ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet ongoing operational and capital investment requirements
  • 利用套期保值来降低与公司借款利率和外汇头寸利率相关的金融风险;Use hedging to mitigate financial risks related to the interest rates on the company’s borrowings, as well as on its foreign exchange positions
  • 维护银行关系;Maintain banking relationships
  • 维护信用评级机构的关系;Maintain credit rating agency relationships
  • 安排股权和债务融资;Arrange for equity and debt financing
  • 投资基金;Invest funds
  • 养老基金投资;Invest pension funds
  • 监督代表公司处理外包财务职能的第三方的活动;Monitor the activities of third parties handling outsourced treasury functions on behalf of the company
  • 就短期和长期计划的流动性方面向管理层提供建议;Advise management on the liquidity aspects of its short- and long-range planning
  • 监督客户信贷的发放;Oversee the extension of credit to customers
  • 维持一套对财政活动施加适当控制的政策和程序制度。Maintain a system of policies and procedures that impose an adequate level of control over treasury activities


Corporate Treasurer - 公司财务主管Corporate Treasurer - 公司财务主管




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